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Industrial Sandblasting

Metal Coatings staff includes experienced abrasive blasters and applicators. Our abrasive blasters and applicators have gone through extensive internal and external training so that your material is ready for a metal coating and for your project.

We have experience receiving oversize full semi-truck loads and have capacity to receive up to 10 tons in a single hoist.

For questions about our sandblasting prices, policy, or specific inquiries about your project: contact us!

Industrial Metal Coatings

Metal Coatings provides Industrial Painting Services for water resources projects
and pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, fuel storage components, urban
architecture, bridges, ship components, oil refineries, power plants, and other
industrial structures.

We specialize in systems that include, but are not limited to Alkyds, Enamels, Epoxies, Zincs, Phenolics, Vinyl Esters Polymers, Tank Linings, and a variety of Corrosive Resistant Coatings.

Paint systems are applied in an indoor, temperature controlled 25,000 sq./ft. building. Our paint area boasts a negative air system which can circulates and filter the air up to 7 times per hour, which increases currying times.

For questions about our metal coating prices, policy, or specific inquiries about your project: contact us!

Our Paint System

The Macropoxy 646 paint system is the most common paint system that Metal
Coatings applies. Our current 5 year average shows that we apply more than
20,000 sq./ft. per month of this product.

Macropoxy 646 fast cure epoxy is a high solids, high build, fast drying, polyamide
epoxy designed to protect steel and concrete in industrial exposures. Ideal for
maintenance painting and fabrication shop applications. The high solids content
ensures adequate protection of sharp edges, corners, and welds. This product can
be applied directly to marginally prepared steel surfaces and hot substrates up to
250°F/120°C. Low VOC, Chemical resistant, Low Odor, Abrasion resistant, Outstanding application properties, Meets Class A requirements for slip Coefficient, 0.36 @ 6 mils / 150 microns DFT (Mill White only)

For questions about our paint system and your project: let us know!

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Our objective is to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality products and services from us. Contact us to get a quote or with any other inquiries that you might have!